Sabrina Bermudez

Veterinary Technician | Customer Service Representative

Sabrina moved to Sedona from her hometown in Whittier, California in 2016 and immediately began working as a customer service representative at the clinic.  After only a few months her quick learning abilities and passion for animals earned her the opportunity to work behind the scenes with our veterinary team, and she has since moved into a Veterinary Technician position. She is currently a student at Northern Arizona University where she studies business management. One of Sabrina’s favorite parts about working at Oak Creek Small Animal Clinic is the wide variety of species and animal personalities that come through the door each day. Working to improve the quality of life for pets of all kinds helps her feel that fulfillment that comes with making a difference in the community. This inspires her to have the dream of one day going to veterinary school. 
At home, Sabrina spends much of her free time with her Shepherd-Corgi mix, Bubba. Together they explore the Sedona landscape through hiking and swimming adventures. She also loves reading, bicycling, relaxing to music, and has a passion for Disney movies that gives her an excuse for regular Disneyland trips!