Kelsi Bufton

Customer Service Representative

Kelsi joined the Oak Creek Small Animal clinic team in April of 2016 and has been learning and growing ever since. Her fulfillment stems from providing compassion, education, and a shoulder to lean on when clients need it most. "It feels great contributing so much value to our community through the remarkable team here," she shares.
Although originally from Montreal, she grew up in Georgia. After high school in Florida, Kelsi moved out to Arizona in 2009 to earn her Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. Studying Psychology, International Management, and Business Administration kept her interests piqued and broadened her skills. With a strong background in customer service and sales, then transitioning into the medical industry in 2013, it seemed like a match made in heaven. 
In her free time, Kelsi enjoys various forms of art including painting, pottery, writing, dancing, and more. She also loves to bake, garden, and relax at home with her boyfriend, Hank, and cat, Mow Mows. Kelsi is very well-traveled and has visited almost every continent in the world!