Karne Snickers

Veterinary Assistant

A bundle of energy, Karne works as a receptionist, veterinary assistant, and does all of our medical supply ordering. She is rarely seen standing or sitting in one place for very long., and her enthusiasm for her work is contagious among the team. Karne is married with three beautiful children and six grandchildren. Prior to coming to OCSAC, she owned a shoe store in Sedona and was an extremely successful businesswoman. Lucky for us, her desire to become a veterinarian as a child led her to the OCSAC family and we are very fortunate to have her here! Karne loves seeing the Verde Valley's sick animals recover and especially enjoys sending them home to a long and happy life.
In her free time, she stays active through hobbies like running, backpacking, gardening, and playing with her dogs and chickens. Additionally, Karne works part-time as a guide for Four Seasons, and escorts groups to Havasupai and the Grand Canyon. See? We told you she is always on the move!