Christine Scanlon

Supervising Veterinary Technician

Christine is a well-traveled animal lover and can call many places her hometown, including Van Couver island, San Francisco, and even a ranch in Michigan. A graduate of Quest University and Penn Foster College, Christine's major has always been biology, which she has expanded upon during her current enrollment in Penn’s Veterinary Technician Program. She has been with Oak Creek Small Animal Clinic now for 5 years and has previously worked with the SPCA and Humane Society as a volunteer. Christine loves to learn new things daily while exploring the vast field of veterinary care, and she is well known at the clinic for treating every patient as her own. She consistently uses her hands-on veterinary experience and endless compassion to comfort all animals, especially fearful ones. In her spare time, Christine is an avid hiker and loves camping, travel, and working with pottery.