Coronavirus Update & Clinic Protocols

October 1st, 2020 

Dear Friends, Clients and Community, 

We are so grateful to be able to remain open and maintain a high standard of care for our patients during this difficult time.  THANK YOU to our amazing clients who have been so patient with our curbside approach, and appreciative of our efforts to keep everyone safe for these last many months.  Remaining open and super busy has allowed us to hire additional talented team members and extend our hours to 7 days per week! 

We certainly had no idea or suspicion when this pandemic began how severe it would turn out to be or for how long it would go on.  And there’s still no “end” in sight.  After following numerous statistics and guidelines over time we have decided that beginning on October 1 we will allow clients to accompany their pets into the building if they choose to.  Anyone wishing to continue curbside, drop off or house call service is certainly encouraged to continue in this manner.  We do ask that anyone picking up food or meds continue to have us bring it out to you to control crowding in our lobby. 

Our guidelines are as follows:  Continue to call us on the phone when you arrive at (928)282-1195.  We will then send a staff member escort out to you who will bring you and your pet into the building with a room prepared, or will take a history from you and bring your pet in if you want to remain outside.  A maximum of two family members may be present.  Masks are always required when in the building with no exceptions. This option is only available to those who have not traveled in the previous 2 weeks, who have not had signs of illness in the previous 2 weeks, and who have not been knowingly exposed to a person with Covid in the previous 2 weeks.  Please be honest with us so that we can ALL be responsible.  We will still help you if you can’t meet these requirements, we will just have you wait outside or at home. Your pet will have its exam and any diagnostics performed in the hospital treatment area so that we can maintain physical distancing, but you will get to see the doctor.  Doctors are also willing to run outside and visit with you there. If you are a traveler, we are happy to be here for your pet in curbside fashion. It is imperative that we continue to be cautious out of respect and protection for each other’s health and well-being.  If there is another surge in our state, we reserve the right and responsibility to go back to curbside operation only.  Remember that Sedona is a very internationally diverse city with visitors from all over the globe, and we’ve been lucky so far. 

We feel very strongly that our protocols and behavior helped keep us all healthy and available to you during this time.  There have been close calls for us.  We have had staff members that have become ill (with other things, luckily) or exposures to positive people that resulted in isolating until negative test results came back, sometimes taking several days.  None of us want our lives or our friends’ and families’ lives threatened by this virus, nor do we want to see a forced shut down as a result of one or more of us getting it.  We have pledged to our wonderful community to be safe, clean and ready, and we will continue to keep our bubble tight.  We have missed all of you and can’t wait to see your happy masked faces! 

With gratitude, 

Dr. Kinney and Team OCSAC 

July 14, 2020

Dear Friends, Clients and Community,

I truly hope that you have all been able to stay healthy and safe. It’s really hard to believe it’s been over two months since the last time I reached out to everyone in regards to how we are operating during COVID. Undoubtedly naïve, at that time I really believed that the next letter I wrote I would discuss how we would safely open our doors to the public again. How sad that this situation just continues, and, that our state is now so affected. I know it’s hot, and that you all want to accompany your pets, however, due to the volume of patients we are seeing every day we really don’t feel like it’s safe to change our curbside/drop-off operations at this point in time. The vast majority of you agree with us from the feedback we’ve received.

I know for those of you who know us well and have a history with us this protocol is easier because we have already built a trusting relationship with you. For those of you who are new to us it’s more difficult because we have not been able to have a personalized face to face interaction. Know that your pet’s health, wellness and comfort are our very top priorities. And, we are proud that not only have we been able to continue providing care at the same level of availability and at the same level of excellence as before the pandemic, we have actually been growing and busier than ever.

That leads me to a very exciting and positive announcement. We are so eager to introduce two new veterinarians to our staff, Dr. Marshall Page, DVM, and Dr. Allison Forbes, DVM. Both of these fine doctors are experienced and committed to our philosophy and high standards. Both Dr. Kress and I are so excited to get some balance in our personal lives and I thank her for her tremendous effort to hang in there with the business for the last two hectic years while we built our new digs. We will follow up soon with bios and website additions. Dr. Page grew up in the Verde Valley along with his high-school sweetheart whom he married, and they have two children. Dr. Forbes has recently fulfilled a long-time dream of moving to Sedona with her new husband. Dr. Forbes has a passion for equines, as well, so all of you horse owners will want to get to know her as she may be able to provide for your horses, too! I am looking forward to being able to finally complete my rehabilitation certification that I’ve been working toward for a couple of years now. Our rehab practice has already benefitted several patients! We will soon be available 7 days per week (likely to launch in September), another very exciting development. You will also see new masked faces in the front office, and new technicians, too. We are working hard for our pet community!

Please reach out to us with questions or concerns and please continue to call us when you arrive to our facility so that we can best coordinate your needs. Prescriptions, food and products may be ordered and paid for in advance and then we run them out to your car. We do want to continue to collect payment over the phone as much as possible. There are exceptions to entering our clinic with your pet, such as euthanasia, that you may ask us about prior to your appointment, so long as you are willing to wear a mask, have an employee escort, and have not experienced symptoms of COVID or traveled in the last 14 days. There is a limit to 2 family members in our building when exercising this exception. We continue providing house calls and pet pick-up/drop-off, as well, in our faithful pet taxi, Fiona.

Sincerely and with air hugs,

The Kinney Family and OCSAC team

May 8, 2020

Dear Friends, Pet Parents and Greater Sedona Community,

We hope this letter finds you all healthy, safe, and emotionally well. The last several weeks have been so challenging for us all. We hope that our communication is welcome because we feel it’s so important for all of us to stay in touch during this unprecedented time of COVID-19.

We continue our commitment to our beloved animal family members. I feel it’s so important to honor the dozens of clients who openly and appreciably support our efforts to be present yet protect everyone. Some of the comments we’ve received have been, “I felt so safe when I came there.” “Thank you so much for being here.” “Other places turned me away and you told me to come right in but also informed me of the protocol.” “This drop-off service is awesome!” Our pet taxi and house call vehicle, Fiona, continues in her dedicated service every day. Our online pharmacy through our website is available for those who need products and don’t want to leave their home, with free shipping. In the month of April we treated over 600 patients, kept our entire staff employed, and maintained our usual hours. This illustrates how needed we are in our community and how imperative it is that we continue to stay healthy during this time. A special shout out to the especially generous Angel who gifted our staff with a special surprise for being here in a time of need, and to the friends who have brought treats and sentiments that really give us the additional motivation to keep going. These times are really challenging for all of us--Thank You for your kindness!

I also need to address the very rare exception to our situation, the distressed pet owner who is offended or put-off by what is perceived as impersonal customer care by being greeted in the parking lot by a masked and gloved technician 6 feet away. For us at OCSAC, our respect for, love for, and quality of care for our patients is foremost with service to their guardians immediately following. It is making us sad, too, to not welcome you into our home, hug you, cry with you, spend time with you, to not be able to talk without a mask in the way. It is crucial that we maintain social distancing and cleanliness at this time. The statistics are showing that these measures are working and it is imperative that we not relax too soon. Our situation is extremely fluid and changes sometimes from day to day or even hour to hour. We acknowledge the communication errors we have made along the way and are always willing to fix a problem.

We are dedicated to continuing to help you and your pets during this crisis. Please be patient and understanding with us, just as we have been with all of you. We will all get through this together! We will continue to operate in this way in the coming weeks so that we don’t risk contributing to a resurgence of the virus and we can continue to provide care to our pet community. Please continue to call us when you arrive so that we can come out to receive you or bring the products out to you that you need, and we will continue to collect payment over the phone as often as possible. Some of our clients have expressed wanting to continue service in this manner even once the pandemic is over!

On a positive note, the Governor gave us permission to start performing elective procedures again as of May 1st.  So, if you delayed your pet’s spay or neuter surgery we can now schedule.

Please, as always, let us know if you have questions or comments. We can’t wait, along with our whole City, until we can be comfortably together again. And, for when our kids can safely go BACK TO SCHOOL!! Or, anywhere outside of the house and without us for that matter...... Date night? Can’t wait.

Grateful and hopeful,

The Kinney Family and Team OCSAC

March 20, 2020 

An Update Regarding COVID-19 from OCSAC: 

During a very uncertain and constantly evolving time regarding the COVID-19 pandemic we feel it is important to let you know how we feel and what action we are taking. 

At OCSAC we are committed to continuing to meet the healthcare needs of our pet community in the greater Sedona region until/unless we are prohibited from doing so.  At this time this still includes routine and preventative care, as well as the sick or injured who need immediate attention.  We are also committed to our staff who depend on their jobs, and the health of our greater community. As of today, March 20, we will try to limit the public entering our building for our protection as well as the rest of the community. We will be altering our process of receiving patients and ask that upon arrival our clients park in the portico and let us know of their arrival. A staff member will then leave the building to greet the client and pet, and receive the usual check-in information. The pet will then be brought into our building for treatment and diagnostics while the owner waits in their car outside. The doctor will call the owner from the building to discuss the pet and then proceed as decided. Once the appointment is completed and the pet is discharged, it will be brought back to the owner by the staff member, and payment can be done from the car. We also ask that food purchases and medication refills be arranged in advance and paid for over the phone, so that we can run it out to a client in their car when they arrive to pick it up. 

We have asked all staff to not come to work if they have a cough or a fever.  We ask of our clients, too, if you are sick, please do not come in.  You MAY drop off your pet per our protocol above, wearing a mask, or, better yet, we have Fiona, our faithful pet taxi, available for pet pick-up and drop off if you are unable to attend, and the doctor can call you by phone. We will drive all over this valley if we have to picking up pets that need medical care, it might just keep one of our staff members working who would have been sent home. Just call us to arrange. Although we hope to continue to operate according to schedule, we understand if you need or want to cancel an elective appointment and reschedule for a later time. 

We understand how stressful this situation is and how worried we all are. We also realize that changing the way we operate adds to the strangeness of it all but it is imperative during this uncertain period of time that we be patient with each other.  Please understand if we need to reschedule your appointment because one of our doctors is sick and out suddenly, we are short-staffed, or running behind schedule.  With schools cancelled our parental responsibilities are maxed (you might see Miles and Mason Kinney running around here hopefully cleaning more than creating chaos).  We have always been and will continue to be here for you and your animals and as a community we will get through this together.  Our goals are to continue to meet the needs of our patients as well as the health and wellness of our staff without contributing to the spread of the virus or the devastating economic impact that could ensue.  Our cleaning protocol is already substantial considering what we do but we are stepping it up. 

In the interest of social distancing, Dr. Kinney especially will miss her hugs from all of her friends but, it’s a must. We look forward to when this is all over and we can return to life as usual. 


Please let us know if you have questions!   


The Kinneys and Team OCSAC